Summary Process

1. This is the summary process for tenant/landlord laws.

a. A fourteen-day notice, required by law, to be given to a tenant or tenants, informing them that they have fourteen days to pay rent or the landlord will go to court.

b. A thirty-day notice, required by law, to be given to a tenant or tenants, thirty days before the next rent is due, informing them that the landlord wants possession of the premises.

c. A ten-day notice given to a tenant or tenants to move from a premises, which is usually given for drug arrest/conviction or trespassers.

d. A summary process wit is a legal document requiring a tenant or tenants to appear in court to answer the charges of the landlord.

e. A forty-eight hour legal notice required by law, served on a tenant or tenants at least forty-eight hours prior to a court ordered residential eviction. The notice must contain the date, and time of the eviction, and the deputy name.

f. Housing court motions notify parties to appear in court for a specific hearing.

g. Pre-eviction talk-outs are as soon as an execution for possession has been issued and placed in a deputy's hands for enforcement, some offices extend a courtesy of giving the defendant an opportunity to move out on their own. This is not required but does save clients’ money if defendant moves.