Correctional Officer Positions

How to Become a Correctional Officer

  1. You must be at least nineteen years of age in order to apply for a position at the Hampshire Sheriff's Office, as well as successfully possessing a minimum of a high school diploma at the time of application. A Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice or a related field is highly preferable.

  2. Register for an upcoming written examination, if applicable. (no current registrations in progress; most recent Written Examination was given in November 2018)

  3. Anyone that successfully passes the written examination will be invited back to participate in the physical fitness examination. The requirements for passing the physical fitness examination at the forty-firth percentile, which is the minimum requirements for entry to the Correctional Officer Academy, can be found below.

  4. Anyone that successfully passes the physical fitness examination, will then be invited back on site for a first round interview with a professional panel.

  5. Typically the candidate pool with then be narrowed down after first round interviews prior to second round interviews being scheduled. Reference and background checks/investigations are conducted at this point in time. Final candidates must successfully pass a pre-employment drug/health screening prior to hire.

  6. If hired, employees are required to successfully complete all portions of the Correctional Officer Training Academy within twelve months of hire.

Written Examinations will be posted on the MassCareers website as they are scheduled in the future