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The mission of the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office Treatment Department is to promote public safety through providing opportunities for successful reintegration to each individual sentenced to this facility. Through collaborative efforts of substance abuse treatment, individualized treatment plans, case management, cognitive behavioral treatment groups, education, anger management, communicable disease and health education, vocational training and job readiness, release and reentry planning, stress management, family services, as well as significant contributions from our volunteer, community-based, and self-help communities, we provide opportunities to all participants, for a healthy, pro-social transition back to the community. Every participant may expect to be treated with respect and support, while being held highly accountable for his actions, rehabilitation and release planning.

Treatment opportunities for sentenced offenders take place within a modified therapeutic community called the Lifeskills Program. The opportunity to engage in treatment programming is available to all sentenced offenders. Those choosing to engage in treatment are moved to the dormitory-style modular unit.

Under the direction of Sheriff Garvey the treatment department is supervised by Assistant Deputy Superintendent Melinda Cady. As the Director of Treatment for the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office and House of Correction, she oversees the departments providing case management, substance abuse, contract services, family and parenting initiatives, volunteer and religious services, education , minimum and pre release programming, reentry services and aftercare.
Lifeskills Program
Western Massachusetts Correctional Alcohol Center
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Amherst College Inside Out Program
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