Community Justice Support CenterAll about building community

Working in partnership with the state Office of Community Corrections, our Community Justice Support Center (CJSC) is a critical piece in the Hampshire County Sheriff's Office ongoing efforts to increase our services in the community, and to continue the safe decarceration process of the people in our care.

492 Pleasant Street,
Northampton MA 01060
7 am - 5 pm - Monday, Tuesday and Friday; 7 am - 7 pm - Wednesday and Thursday
(413) 584-2012
(413) 584-1435

By providing a safe, welcoming space for probationers to access programming for substance abuse issues, on-line classes for job skills and educational development, and opportunities for community service projects, staff at the CJSC aim to provide the people in the care of the Hampshire County criminal justice system the chance to continue improving themselves. This can help them re-establish their connection with family members and the wider community, as well as giving them the space to further stabilize their physical and mental health.

Massachusetts incarcerates fewer people than any other state in the nation.

Our Community Justice Support Center is all about building community. Massachusetts incarcerates fewer people than any other state in the nation, and that's something to be proud of. Without Community Justice Support Centers, in Northampton and elsewhere, many probationers might find themselves on the street, where their health and safety could be compromised, and where the possibility of falling back on old habits seems high.

Our staff at the CJSC are committed to helping build stronger, safer communities in Hampshire County.



Services & Support

Hampshire County Sheriff’s Office Community Justice Support Center provides participants with an opportunity to learn tools and techniques that will help them improve and integrate into the community.

Education for GED/HiSET, College Preparation, and Employment Support and Career Counseling

Plus life skills such as financial literacy and computer and technology basics

The staff is responsible for program intakes and transitions, supervision, security, treatment management, job readiness/placement, HiSET preparation, urinalysis functions, and for providing all substance abuse treatment services. The programming is provided in three general areas: substance abuse, life skills, and educational development.

Substance abuse services an attempt to raise awareness of the concept of addiction being a disease, the nature of that disease, and the progression of it.

Life skills services include anger and stress management, money management, job development, and interviewing skills. Educational services include Hi-Set preparation and pre-testing, with actual testing occurring at either Greenfield or Holyoke Community College, along with college prep curriculum for those interested in earning a degree.

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

Addresses decision making and substance use disorders

Treatment groups are gender specific and are run using an evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) curriculum, which has proven to be effective with offenders, along with a system of sanctions and rewards that monitors progress in the treatment process.

For each participant, the length of the program varies, and is ultimately determined by the "risk/need" assessment that is done at intake. The corresponding hours must be completed, and there needs to be a record of full program compliance before a participant can be successfully transitioned.

Random Drug Screening

Available for drug court participants

We assist in collecting samples and send them to a contracted vendor who completes the testing. Results are available within 2-3 days.