Length and Number of Visits

Length of Visits

  1. The facility shall provide at least two visiting periods per week. Each facility visiting period shall be at least two hours in length. Individual visits shall be at least one hour in duration as long as said visit can be completed in the visiting period.
    1. At least one visit every week shall be available to each inmate on a weekday evening, according to the facility’s schedule.
    2. At least one visit each week shall be available to each inmate on Saturday or Sunday, according to the facility’s schedule.

Number of Visits

  1. Three adults may visit an inmate at one time. If there are more than three visitors to visit with an inmate, that inmate’s hour shall be divided among the visitors and the total time shall not exceed one hour.
  2. Visitors must be on the inmate’s approved Inmate Visiting List before they may socially interact with an inmate.
  3. New admissions shall not receive a visit unless they first fill out an Inmate Visiting List.
  4. Inmates may fill out a Visiting List at any time. Visitors may be removed at any time at the inmate’s request.
  5. All children, stepchildren, and grandchildren of inmates must be placed on their Inmate Visiting List prior to facility visits.