Inmate Visit Approval

  1. All visitors are subject to approval or rejection by the superintendent or a designee.
  2. Visitors under eighteen years of age:
    1. All persons less than eighteen years of age shall be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or a close relative above the age of eighteen. All are subject to the same search procedures as outlined in entrance procedures.
    2. The Parental Consent Form is subject to the approval by the superintendent or a designee before entry is permitted for facility visits.
    3. Only children, stepchildren who can provide a valid marriage certificate for verification, and grandchildren of the inmate shall be allowed to enter the facility for visits. All of the above must be listed on the inmate’s approved Inmate Visiting List.
    4. Parents and/or legal guardians are required to submit completed birth certificates for children with both the mother and father identified before they are allowed entry for facility visits.
  3. Persons with prior felony convictions or pending charges who wish to visit an inmate must:
    1. Receive special permission from the superintendent or a designee.
    2. Receive permission prior to the visitor coming to the facility.
    3. Persons with pending charges will not be allowed to visit until those charges have been resolved.
    4. Inmate visiting lists are limited to 15 individuals.